Rich Arabs

Sunday, March 26, 2006

New Reality Show Hits Home

I am not a fan of Reality Television. Naturally, most Reality Television has little to do with me ... and my lifestyle, though, I admit, I am curious who The Bachelorette will pick and Big Brother Africa is fascinating... who knew they had houses...!

However the reality television landscape has a new light on the horizon called Big Love. This fascinating expose, on HBO, takes place in suburban Salt Lake City and focuses on Bill, the owner of a prosperous line of home improvement stores as well as 3 wives!

If the first episode was any indication then this Reality series will finally offer an earnest and reflective look at one man's struggle of Sex, Wives and Religion... Finally a show I can call my own! I already have my TiVo set to record the season.

Note: for those with Orbit Sat Receivers with the AlJawal card can catch the show at 11pm Thursdays, after Ellen Degeneres and before MusicMuch Canada

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Success Story: Marcus' New Mattress

Dear Rich Arab,
Thanks to you pride in the bedroom has been restored. Abdullah X delivered it yesterday together with a real thoughful package from AfroCosmo, .. included a throw rug, rose-petal potpourri, and whole lot of cocoa butter. Nice touch AX. And sweet dreams back atchya' RA!
Captain; Love Boat.

Is there anything sweeter than this; Dreams becoming reality? I dare say no! (You can revisit Marcus' Dream Here) Big thanks to AX for his support,.. well done Habibi.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Blogger: Canadaforthefree

A time for Freedom

My recent readings and discussions with fellow geologists and economists are leading me down a new path. Now is the time for 'out of the rig' thinking. We have the perfect opportunity to create wealth. Not just for the Combined peoples of North America, but for others. Oil trickles. And Oil Wealth flows.

It is pretty simple economics. The higher the price of oil. The more the demand grows.

High demand = greater efficiencies = One Slick Economy.

Well put Alain, I couldn't say it any better myself...Goodness knows I've been pushing for $100 a Barrel for some time.. This is one blogger to watch out for! You can visit his blog here.