Rich Arabs

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Too late for the latter day saints, sorry

I've been away for too long. We had REAL server problems, and in the modern world, such mistakes can be terminal. So, when we discovered that Berry D'Inaboks had sadly passed away soon after writing to me, I asked Sery to beef up our back end so that we reply to each letter within 24 hours. We are just sorry it took us over eight months to deal with this. Here's an extract -

"Dear Rich Arab, Please hurry, my school grades are bad. If they don't improve I will fail my school year. I can not seem to function and do my homework as my myspace is too busy and I have too many virtual friends. They literally virtually deprive me of real sleep and my Second Life avatar has formed relations with another avatar who is cheating on my myspace persona. I feel jealous and don't know if I can cope. Can you send me money to employ a Bangladeshi to blog for me?"

Sadly, Sery messed up on the servers and as a result, one of his brethren missed out on a great job. Berry died back in March and I hereby express my sincere congradolences.