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Sunday, March 26, 2006

New Reality Show Hits Home

I am not a fan of Reality Television. Naturally, most Reality Television has little to do with me ... and my lifestyle, though, I admit, I am curious who The Bachelorette will pick and Big Brother Africa is fascinating... who knew they had houses...!

However the reality television landscape has a new light on the horizon called Big Love. This fascinating expose, on HBO, takes place in suburban Salt Lake City and focuses on Bill, the owner of a prosperous line of home improvement stores as well as 3 wives!

If the first episode was any indication then this Reality series will finally offer an earnest and reflective look at one man's struggle of Sex, Wives and Religion... Finally a show I can call my own! I already have my TiVo set to record the season.

Note: for those with Orbit Sat Receivers with the AlJawal card can catch the show at 11pm Thursdays, after Ellen Degeneres and before MusicMuch Canada


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