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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Too late for the latter day saints, sorry

I've been away for too long. We had REAL server problems, and in the modern world, such mistakes can be terminal. So, when we discovered that Berry D'Inaboks had sadly passed away soon after writing to me, I asked Sery to beef up our back end so that we reply to each letter within 24 hours. We are just sorry it took us over eight months to deal with this. Here's an extract -

"Dear Rich Arab, Please hurry, my school grades are bad. If they don't improve I will fail my school year. I can not seem to function and do my homework as my myspace is too busy and I have too many virtual friends. They literally virtually deprive me of real sleep and my Second Life avatar has formed relations with another avatar who is cheating on my myspace persona. I feel jealous and don't know if I can cope. Can you send me money to employ a Bangladeshi to blog for me?"

Sadly, Sery messed up on the servers and as a result, one of his brethren missed out on a great job. Berry died back in March and I hereby express my sincere congradolences.


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  • I always love coming to your blog because I get to laugh hysterically for a few minutes and feel light again. For that, I thank you kindly.

    You are just brilliant and I am your loyal fan :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:34 AM  

  • Hahahahahahahaha! That's oh-so-hilarious! Seriously! :P

    Do keep em coming! :D

    ♥ Maya

    By Blogger Maya // مايا, at 11:19 PM  

  • Welcome back, your blog is very interesting for me :)

    By Anonymous Arab, at 12:14 AM  

  • why a bangladeshi.... i mean why to degrade somebody...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:50 PM  

  • why a bangladeshi.... i mean why to degrade somebody...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:50 PM  

  • im trying to contact RichArab
    but the hotmail address seems to come right back!

    tells me msg cannot be sent seems to be wrong email or deleted email address, no longer in use!

    what do i do?
    let me know at:


    By Blogger Seeker, at 3:04 AM  

  • ive lived in saudi for a good part of 20 years which were unfortunately part of my youth. I was blessed to be born into a wealthy family and had a chance to travel the world and be exposed to life outside saudi.

    Im not a saudi myself, and im so glad because if i was i would be part of a nation which is full of hypocrites who look down on their fellow bretheren. Money has destroyed saudis 'they have lost the plot' they create havens for themselves in compounds to do as they will while on the outside they are on a 'prevention of vice' mission where anyone and everyone will feel their wrath. They look down on people doing hard labour forgetting that only a few years earlier when there was no oil the same bediuns where worse off then the people they look down on.

    I was fascinated to see the stupidity of saudis on a recent trip back. After passing immigration i saw them lining people up and western visitors (mainly US and british) were fast tracked and were been given speacial treatment. On the other hand when i came to the UK these very saudis who had licked all the arse in saudi were subjected to rigorous checking and are the only nationals who have to register with the police! i hear the situation is worse in America. Oh! the irony i say!!

    Saudi men are the most desperate and disgusting ive ever met and alot are raging homesexuals whilst the women behind their abayas are some of the most frustrated ive ever met. It pains me a great deal that a country that is revered and respected in the heart of so many would have such people but then so is the result of greed and ignorance.

    I have to say at this point though that this is what the youth in saudi are genrally like though i have had the priveledge of meeting some of the most amazing people in saudi of saudi origin but sadly they are few and far in between.

    To end it all i personally pray for the success of saudi arabia and wish the people would rise above the worldly pleasures and embrace their extremely important position in this world with respect and dignity. I wish to see saudi's viewed one day as an example to follow for everyone else. May the old days of ignorance, greed, intolerance and arrogance be replaced with tolerance, humility, understanding and education.

    By Anonymous MD, at 6:24 PM  

  • " MD said...
    ive lived in saudi for a good part of 20 years which were unfortunately part of my youth. I was blessed to be born into a wealthy family and had a chance to travel the world and be exposed to life outside saudi..."

    So you and your folks come to KSA, get rich, and you turn out to be an ungrateful Bas#$%$. How did you get the chance to travel the world you ungrateful #$%^ Show a little respect to the country that fed you, you dumb #$%^

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:04 AM  

  • American A$$ - )0( 's
    LoOoOoOoOoOoL :-)
    Hi all;
    this is my First time here; " FOURTUNATLY " :)
    I am " Saudi Rich Arab " :)
    " It Is Not That Bad Here " " rather " So Relaxing "
    I just came from a scholar ship in Paris, France and My Public Comment Is " Dear; Get a Job In France "
    Dear American A$$ - )0( ; I am a chain smoker; It Cost me 15 Euro Aday In Paris and 15 Riyal In Arriyadh (1EURO=5.8s.r) One Bagget bread is 2 Euro in Paris and 5 Large Bread Is 1 Euro In Arriyadh

    My Lovely new C-500 FIAT need 50 Euro to fill it in Paris and My Family BMW 750 need 50 saudi riyal.

    Darling; What make you ride a Harly Davis in Texas make you a Fourtunate like Miami Guy in Saudi

    That is the Diffrent.

    @ The End; So Cool bloog.

    Mail me for Donations;-)

    By Anonymous Näel, at 5:32 PM  

  • what is this all really about

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:29 PM  

  • Is richarab still in business? he does not answer emails. Do you know know where he is now?

    By Anonymous Phillip Moore, at 4:23 AM  

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