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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dear Rich Arab: Narcoleptic Syndrome

Dear Rich Arab,
I am a student at King Fahad University in Saudi. I am studying to be a rock scientist. But I am having some problems. I cannot stay awake in class. My teachers are begining to be angry with me. My friends make fun of me. But it is not my fault! I try hard to stay awake. I drink much tea & Powerhouse, and even eat raw sugar, but it does not help! I think I suffer from the Narcoleptic Syndrome. Can you help me become a Rock Doctor?

Well Dr. Rock, I certainly know how you feel. Even reading your email I had to take a short nap. When I was at Harvard I too thought I suffered from the Narcoleptic Syndrome. If it wasn't for my father buying a new wing to the law library I would probably still be asleep in class today! I have forwarded your name to a Eqyptian therapist in the area. Hopefully he can diagnosis the condition.
Now get some rest, Peace.


  • Hi Dr Rocks. This is Sery, the online technical assistant for Rich Arab. I too sometimes want to sleep especially working 16 hours a day here in the technical information warehousing system. I have a technique that works for me to stay alert and sharp, I place approximately 12 tacks in my under garments. These tacks, while sharp, do not cause permanent damage and they definetly work! I am in a constant state of alertedness. Hope that this tip works for you. take care, Sery.

    By Blogger Sery Kheeplapur, at 10:57 PM  

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