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Friday, April 21, 2006

Dear Rich Arab: Need Funding for the Matrix

When i seen "Matrix" i couldn't help to wonder: can it be? Can it be that the Matrix is for real and we are actually seeing a movie about ourselves from the inside of the Matrix? Is it possible to know the real situation of the things? Can people from the Matrix to make an experiment and settle whether they live for real or all the world just projected to them.

I think that the answer is "yes". To all of the questions.

How do we check whether we live for real? Well, My Cobalt Chaos Actuator Machine is the key. For the past 12 years I have modelled 32,000 system processes and coded them in my Cobalt Chaos Actuator Machine. This means that taking a process for which we know ahead its divergence rate, we can make a prediction on how far it is supposed to be from its "attractor". Running the machine will enable us even to calculate the Matrix precision capabilities (at least the capabilities allocated to our machine). The precision will be the discrepancy between the calculated (true) distance from the attractor and the observed distance from the attractor.
I am very close to completing the Cobalt Chaos Actuator Machine, but I still need to model another 4,327 processes and my mother is kicking me out of the house. So if you can help me out with rent money for the next year together we can unlock the secret of the Matrix.
Jeff 'Neo' Higgins

Well 'Neo' your actuator machine sounds like something out of this world. I must say I only recently saw the Matrix while on a first-class flight to Monaco and let me say that those evil agent guys are first-class Bad! I have a friend who owns a Best Western hotel in your town, he'll contact you shortly. If you need anything else please contact my online technical assistant Sery. Best of luck in your quest!


  • My boss showed me your letter. I am very interesting your Cobalt Accuator machine. I have seen the Matrix, and I too, wondered if I wasn't actually in the Matrix.
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