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Friday, April 14, 2006

Dear Rich Arab: Market Math

Dear Rich Arab, My Name is Ali Al-Gebra.

For the past 7 months I been an investment banker for Islamic Centuries Brokerage House of Saud. I know how to bank. Proven results with equity and cash liquidity backed by long-term fiscal vision allows my firm to produce success. I want to take this time to offer you the offer of a lifetime. For as little of 500SAR investment I can offer bulk rate return on funds into thousands using cuting-edge financial principals with strategic principals firmly established in mathmatical certainties. Send money today. Get rich tomorrow.

Well Ali Al-Gebra I must say that I have been terribly dissapointed with my Saudi portfolio of recent (talk about losses~!). Your email and accompanying math equations certainly bespeak great knowledge of the market albeit way above my head! In fact, it reminds me of talking IT with my online technical assistant Sery. Anyhow, I will arrange to setup a joint account with you shortly for you to manage my Saudi market portfolio,... let's make some money!


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