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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dear Rich Arab: '74 Chevy Impala

This gentleman’s request caught me a little off guard. Why, are there not thousands of Chevy Impalas ravaging the streets of America? But then it struck me, no, it is here, right in the Middle East, that there are so many cars from the 70’s! I am happy to say that I arranged for a beige 1974 Impala to be delivered, it ships tomorrow!

Need a ’74 Impala.


  • i like his picture.

    By Blogger Rider of Rohan, at 9:19 AM  

  • Hi Rich Arab,

    I am recently married to my girlfriend of five years and we have always wanted a house to call our own. The prices here in England are way above anything I could hope to afford. I have heard about rich Arabs across the world and the generosity to complete strangers, so that’s why I am writing to you to see if you can help me buy a home of our own in England.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:40 PM  

  • Hello;
    I don't know that is there anywhere to accommodating me and my sister in this great world or not!
    Me(27years old) and my sister(21years old) have no place to live, just because our parents are divorced many years ago, we that were living whit our mother are dismissed from our home from when my mother married whit my step-father.
    My father was a member of the "Navy" of America, He died after a big financial defeat, and now we live in this great country(Iran) without any places to live.
    We're living in peoples home within 2 years ago without to have any money to solve our problem, and no one of government departments doesn't help us too!
    I'm acquired in the field of genetics and worked in the connections of computer hardwares, but I feel I'm changed to someone that doesn't serves someones purpose cause of the conditions i have, I feel dejected more and more day to day, and my connection breaks off from culture and technology. I'm working now, but i've many charges to pay as little loans i got from my office, and i cann't continue this way because i should pay the price they lended me and i've no money to pay for my basic problems.
    We'vent home & now live in a pension, & must to go out from here.
    I need your help very emergency, only 200'000 � can change our life.

    By Anonymous Armida, at 2:52 AM  

  • HI I'm have no idea if anyone with the power to do something for very special person but here is the story a an amazing person that answered my post on Craigs List . I had just broken up with my girlfriend and I was looking for a distraction so after posting several i was fed up with all the scammers that would respond I decided to write a post asking if there were any real people out there.and I received a response from someone in Singapore and I met someone that turned out to be the most amazing pen pal . We would chat for hours on end for almost a year and a half and support each other by just listening to each others life challenges.This was one of those I in a million types of connection that we made Our friendship was never about finding a girlfriend or a boy friend I am twice her age .She heeled me through one of the toughest time in my life! as I we got to know each other she started to tell me about her family and she was supporting her neice and nephew and mother and father .She worked In a law firm and made about 1200 singapore a month and used everything she had to keep her family together .It always seemed to me that she was being taken advantage of but when ever I said anything about her family she would let me know in no uncertain terms that her family was first and never say anything bad about them! It was hard for me because she was from a different culture so when I would hear all these dysfunctional stories of how she was treated it was hard not to point things out but always made her mad.Well when she lost her job do to taking care of her suicidal mother she lost her job and with in a couple of months they were homeless. and her mother was able to move in with her sister and the children and her dad moved into his truck and all they could do is blame her for letting this happen. I'm not sure how an outsider what take this story in but when you spend the time we spent getting know each other you can't help but want to find help for her.During the time she was homeless she ended going to an ex boyfriend who always wanted to be with her but I remember her telling me that he was very abusive and controlling . Well while she was staying with him he found some emails from me and I beat her unconscious and she was taken to the hospital.The reason I found out is that she slipped my email address to a visitor and she told what happened .During the whole time I have known her she had never asked me anything but when I found out what had happened I had to try to help her ! I thought long and hard about what to do and with the help of her friend who was a very hard person to deal with! Call it different cultures LOL anyway I came up with 800 dollars so she could rent a room until her leg healed he had broken her leg when he beat her in his jealous rage . I tried my best to keep her going but I only make about 500 a week right now and I had to stop and now she is back with her ex like a prisoner .She emailed me one night while everyone was sleeping to tell me where she was but .I'm not sure when I will hear back from her .If only there was someone that had everything they needed could see what a wonderful thing it would be to set this amazing person free so she could find a job and get her life back.
    Thanks Got to go now .
    Frank m

    By Blogger zsuedram, at 2:10 AM  

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