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Monday, October 24, 2005

Dear Rich Arab: a new poor Jew

Ok, Rich Arab, my employer recently went bankrupt and I lost my job, my stock options and my public relations agency (which had been absorbed by my biggest client who became my employer.) At the end of this nightmare, I've lost everything (financially speaking.).
I need $100,000 to allow me to dedicate myself full time to finishing my first book, get it published and to keep my blog going and growing.
Make my dream a reality.
- A new poor Jew

Hi Jew, This is Sery, The Rich Arab's Online Technical Customer Service Representative. Please note that the Rich Arab is currently out of the office and will return after Eid. Thanks and Ramadan Kareem.


  • Sery, 'my online idiot,' this is your boss. DO NOT POST ANYTHING MORE on the Rich Arabs blog until I return. We will talk at that time.
    -Rich Arab

    By Blogger RichArab, at 6:53 PM  

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